Uber Diaries #1

Since driving Uber is one of the most interesting parts of my life, I thought I would make a short series until I move. I typically drive 10-1 on weeknights and 9-3 on Friday and Saturday. I don’t like to drive during the day because drunk people are more fun to talk to, less rude, and tip more frequently. Also the roads are less crowded so I can do my u-turns in peace.

Last night on my last pick-up, I was taken to a shady side of town but the surge was 2x so I went. I picked up 2 girls and 2 boys. One girl got out early and the remaining three had about a 20 minute ride to get across town. They were really nice and we were all talking a lot. Then they asked if I wanted a dime bag or cash for my tip. I took the cash and then I went and bought toothpaste.

Older stories:
A lady had me pick her up at her house, drive her to Walgreens for wine, drive her to Baymont Hotel. Then back to Walgreens because she couldn’t find her purse. Then back to Baymont to see if it was there. Then back to her house, where she did actually find it. And she then asked me to go back to Baymont again but changed her mind as she was closing the door. $13 for a mini adventure around town.

Was invited to “hang out” with a passenger and his wife.

Picked up the guy who owns a big chunk of ISU student housings. He said he makes something like $2.5M a year off of only one of the properties.

Somehow managed to carry a drunk kid into his house (albeit scrawny) while being barely 130 myself lol.

Drunk people bought me a taco even though I told them I’m vegetarian. Pawned it off on the next guy who was also drunk and happily ate it.

Young drunk couple. Girl was ok, boy was not able to handle it. Told her to not let him barf so she consoled him a bit. Told her it will charge her account $200 cleaning fee and she made him lay in the grass for a few minutes while I swung by Kroger across the street to buy him some water.

Three people enter the car, two students (male and female) and one male mid-thirties. All of them are talking about murdering each other while masturbating. The students got out first. Then I dropped the older man home to his wife and three daughters. He had me drop him off down the street.

I haven’t had any dangerous encounters or any where I was genuinely afraid. Overall I’ve quite enjoyed it and even got a free haircut once. Most people say I should stop since I’m a girl, but I love doing it.

If you’d like to give driving  a shot, use this link to earn $100 bonus after you complete 30 trips.


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