Uber Diaries #3

As a young female Uber driver, many people ask me if I’m ever afraid. I drive drunk people late at night, allowing strangers into my car. I don’t carry any weapons or have the police on speed dial. I genuinely trust everyone unless given a reason otherwise and so far I’ve been, what some may consider to be, quite lucky that nothing has happened. *touch wood*

Perhaps you remember my post Uber Diaries #1 where I said “Three people enter the car, two students (male and female) and one male mid-thirties. All of them are talking about murdering each other while masturbating. The students got out first. Then I dropped the older man home to his wife and three daughters. He had me drop him off down the street.”

For the duration of that ride, I felt very uncomfortable. One detail was left out so as not to worry anyone about my safety. Towards the end of the ride, “Kenny” looked straight in my eyes and, in the creepiest voice, asked me if I was ever afraid of being raped. At face value it’s a simple enquiry about safety, but the way in which he said it caused the hairs on my neck to stand up. I was genuinely afraid but laughed it off and dropped him to his house.

Last night I got a ping downtown. I pull up to two men in Cubs jerseys, but only one gets in. I ask the address and he says he doesn’t know. He says he doesn’t know his home address. That should have been my first red flag. I don’t recognize him at first and participate in generalized small talk like always.

Kenny directs me. “Left here”, “oops you should have taken a right there”, etc. He continues to refuse to give me an address. I was driving aimlessly, but still didn’t recognize him. I thought that he is just very drunk, maybe he just moved, but he will remember how to get there and it’ll be business as usual.

“Do you recognize me” he chirps from the back seat. I say no and he reminds me of the first ride. My stomach turns.

“I’m glad I got you again. I feel attached to you.” I chuckle nervously. He continues his train of thought by telling me that he wishes he could always get me. He only gets guys. Can he have my phone number. Um, no.

It’s been a couple of minutes since he last gave me a direction so I ask him if I need to turn soon. We keep reaching dead ends. He asks me if I want to pull over and “earn some extra money”. Red flag. Red flag. Red flag. I start to tell him to get out of the car and he says his house is not much further. I should have told him to walk.

After about 20 minutes that have felt like an eternity, we reach his home. He again enquires about sexual services and how much my cost is. He asks if we can go to my house instead of his because he has three daughters (ages 10, 7, and 3) and a wife. He asks if we can do in the car. He refuses to get out. Refuses.

He finally opens the door after several minutes of struggling to get him to leave. I said everything short of begging, but it takes him a few more minutes to actually get out.

Nothing happened, but this particular ride shook me up a bit. I went home directly after. I reported him in the app and, with a summarized description, asked that I not be paired with him again. I hope that I never see him again.

The below picture shows the wild goose chase he sent me on. Street names have been edited out for privacy.

If you’d like to give driving  a shot (most experiences are not like this), use this link to earn $100 bonus after you complete 30 trips.


2 thoughts on “Uber Diaries #3

  1. Michael Noker says:

    Ugh, I’m sorry you went through that. It does make a heck of a story, though, doesn’t it? On a side note, I believe if you leave a bad rating (below three stars?) on a passenger, it stops you from getting the same rider again – unless it was under a different account this time around. I know it at least stops passengers from getting the same driver if they leave a bad rating. But I’d at least report him to Uber for harassment. One of the few things they seem to actually care about is driver safety, so they’ll probably ban him so he can’t do this to someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

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