What Do the Lyrics of “Starboy” Even Mean?? A Lyrical Interpretation.

Just a disclosure: if you’re unfamiliar with the song, there is a fair bit of cursing so be warned.

As a person who regularly drives Uber, I listen to the radio quite a bit. One of my favorite songs at the moment is “Starboy” by The Weeknd and Daft Punk. I can’t really understand the words so one day I googled them. But those don’t really make sense either. So I decided to interpret them based on my inept pop culture / slang abilities.


I’m tryna put you in the worst mood, ah
Ok, so this part is pretty straight forward. He wants to upset someone.
P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah
Not sure what P1 is. Google said it’s a power cable. So this cable is really clean it seems.
Milli point 2 just to hurt you, ah
Milli probably means million, so there are 1,000,000.2 cables intended to hurt this person.
All red lamb just to tease you, ah
He offered to cook lamb, but made it too rare. Definite way to upset someone.
None of these toys on lease too, ah
Toys are purchased, not leased? I don’t get it.
Made your whole year in a week too, yah
Despite attempting to upset someone, he has managed to give them a year of happiness within one week.
Main bitch out of your league too, ah
His girlfriend is better than this person.
Side bitch out of your league too, ah
The girl he’s cheating on his girlfriend with is also better than this person.

So far it seems as though there is someone that he doesn’t like. Gender is not yet established, let’s just call them “Alex” since it can go either way. He wants to upset Alex. He’s got 1,000,000.2 cables which are cleaner than Alex’s church shoes. These cables are intended to hurt them. He cooked some lamb rare in an attempt to trick and upset Alex.  In a surprise twist, he purchased some toys and made Alex quite happy, but concludes his thoughts by saying that his girlfriend and his ho are both better than Alex.

House so empty need a centerpiece
The house is empty and needs a focal point.
Twenty racks a table cut from ebony
He has twenty racks and a table which are cut from ebony. That sounds quite expensive.
Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
There is also ivory which is in small pieces. Sounds like a piano.
Then she clean it with her face, man
Or maybe cocaine.
I love my baby
Is his baby Alex or the aforementioned girlfriend?
You talking money need a hearing aid
Alex has asked him for money for a hearing aid.
You talking bout me I don’t see the shade
Someone (Alex?) is talking about him but in a polite manner.
Switch up my style I take any lane
He can wear any style clothes and still look good.
I switch up my cup I kill any pain
If he uses a different glass, he experiences less pain. Perhaps there is a coating of Tylenol in certain glasses in his home. What a nice idea, but I think it would make the drink taste gross.

The singer’s house is quite empty and still needs to be decorated. He’s got some ebony furniture with slim pieces of ivory which could be a piano, but I think it means cocaine. A girl is using the cocaine, or just really cares about piano cleanliness. He loves her. Is she Alex or his girlfriend? And she talks about him positively. Alex has asked for money for a hearing aid. He always looks good and has special glasses in his home with Tylenol coating to prevent pain. 

Look what you’ve done!
I’m a mother fuckin’ Starboy
Look what you’ve done!
I’m a mother fuckin’ Starboy

I think that whenever he talks about “you” it is in regard to Alex. This whole song is dedicated to them. He’s laughing and saying that it is his fault that he is a Starboy. I read a book called “Stargirl” when I was younger, it was good. She was really eccentric and did a lot of good deeds so maybe he is saying that he is the male counterpart of Stargirl. What if Alex is Stargirl and it’s her fault that he has changed. Stargirl’s birth name was Susan so Alex will be henceforth referred to as Susan.

Every day a nigga try to test me, ah
Someone is giving him an exam.
Every day a nigga try to end me, ah
An exam intended to fail him.
Pull off in that roadster sv, ah
Someone is trying to run him off the road.
Pockets over weight gettin hefty, ah
There are many things in his pockets. Maybe they stole his backpack.
Coming for the king that’s a far cry I
Is he calling himself the king? He feels victimized.
I come alive in the fall time I
He really loves autumn, but I don’t understand the relevancy right now.
No competition I don’t really listen
He feels that he can easily win so he doesn’t listen to their smack talk.
I’m in the blue mulsanne bumping New Edition
Googled Mulsanne and it’s a Bentley. So he’s in a blue car listening to a band whose music peaked in the ’80s.

He’s in school sitting for a difficult exam. Someone is trying to push him off the road and also stole his backpack. He calls himself the king, but feel like everyone is coming for him. However autumn has come so he is full of energy and feels that he can easily win. To pump up for the impending fight, he is sitting in a blue car listening to ’80s music.

**repeat of the verses regarding piano cocaine and revealing the identity of Alex/Susan as Stargirl**

Let a nigga Brad Pitt legend of the fall
Brad Pitt is the legend of autumn. Is that why he loves autumn? Apparently this is a movie.
Took the year like a bandit
He stole the whole year, not just the autumn portion.
Bought momma a crib and a brand new wagon
He bought his mother a house (or maybe she is pregnant so he bought her a literal crib?) as well as a car (or maybe she is pregnant so he bought her a literal red wagon?)
Now she hit the grocery shop lookin lavish
His mother goes to the grocery store in fancy dresses.
Star Trek groove in that Wrath of Khan
He quite likes StarTek II.
Girls get loose when they hear the song
Girls “get wild” (according to Urban Dictionary) when they hear this song. (lol this video that came up when I googled it)
Hundred on the dash get me close to God
He keeps a $100 bill in the car so that if he dies he will go to heaven?
We don’t pray for love we just pray for cars
He values his car over his girlfriend.

He finally revealed why he loves autumn – because it reminds him of Brad Pitt. His mother is pregnant and has fancy clothes. He’s a trekkie who cares more about his car than his girlfriend.

**repeat of the verses regarding piano cocaine and revealing the identity of Alex/Susan as Stargirl**


Alright. Time to analyze this ish.

We’re introduced to the main character who wants to upset and hurt Alex/Susan. While trying to fool her into thinking he is making amends, he offers to cook her some lamb but drastically undercooks it and thus continues their fued. He purchases some toys to make up for it, but then puts her back in her place by stating that his girlfriend is way better than her and even his ho is better than her.

His new house is empty and needs a decorator so they bought a piano. His girlfriend cleans the piano after using cocaine, but he still loves her. He says this to make Alex/Susan jealous. I actually think that he loves Alex/Susan since he is insulting her and trying to make her jealous. A bit elementary, but plausible. The main character is cocky, has chronic pain (with specially created Tylenol glasses) – but Alex/Susan still speaks positively about him.

He blames Alex/Susan for his character changing, but it seems that deep down he loves her despite trying to convince himself otherwise.

Someone has it in for him and even resorted to stealing his backpack. He has to put everything in his pockets. He feels that a fight is near so he sits in his expensive blue car while listening to ’80s music to get in the zone.

The reason that he loves autumn is revealed to be Brad Pitt’s role in movie. He bought some items for his mother’s unborn child as well as fancy new clothes. He’s a trekkie who should be grateful that he has a girlfriend, but he loves his car more than her. Though I probably would too if I was dating a coke-head.

Perhaps there will be a part two where he realizes his wrongs and reunites with Alex/Susan and they live happily ever after with his new little brother or sister.


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