Reducing My Possessions.

When I first moved away from home I went straight into college dorms. Armed with just a few small boxes and a backpack, I was living the minimalist dream.

That year I moved about five times which solidified my minimalist lifestyle. Moving is super easy when you sleep on a mattress pad and don’t have any furniture that can’t fit in the back seat of your car.

I’ve now lived in my apartment for three years. It’s the perfect apartment. Not too big or too small, great neighborhood but still walking distance to a grocery store and Dunkin Donuts, amazing price, diligent leasing company, and pretty cheap. I would never leave this apartment if I didn’t have to. The only change I would make is adding a balcony. But I think having two walk-in closets is an alright trade off.

Anyways. I’ve lived here three years now but I never really bought furniture. I still have my cushion couch and my mattress pad bed. But somehow I’ve accumulated so many things. Probably partially due to the two walk-in closets. I’m so excited to purge myself of everything and start fresh with just my suitcase. (To save myself future hassle, I will be storing my kitchen-ware and other more expensive things with my parents.)

Over the next month I’ll be selling everything and although I’m not excited for the tedious task of taking photos and posting everything, I am excited to downsize and to get some extra money for the trip.


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