Pulling into the home stretch now and I am equal parts excited and terrified.

Everything is settled for when I land, with the exclusion of one major hiccup which was entirely my fault. Basically, despite having gone to India five times and being well versed in the time difference, I booked my domestic flight for the wrong day. Twice. And I’ve paid the rebooking fee. Twice. Because I’m an idiot. Everything else is ok though! Thank God domestic flights are insanely cheap (literally $30) so it’s not that bad.

We’ve heard back from a few different jobs and confirmed them. There is a hotel, a reforestation project, and an animal rehoming shelter. After another week of waiting for replies we will make a vague itinerary and route for them.

We will go on a working tour around India: 6 months in South, 6 months in North, and 6 months in West. After that I’ll probably just mosey on back to the states.

An exciting intermission from the jobs will be a wedding that we are attending in North India in February which I think will be quite fun. Another of my friends is getting married in South India in March.

Everything in India has fallen into place, for the most part. Life here is still winding down and I’m actually really stressed out about it. Cancelling things, selling things. It’s all a bit overwhelming while working two jobs, but I’m sure it’ll all end up ok.


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