I Am So Excited.

One month from today, I will be catching my flight to India.
One month from today, I won’t have to go to a job that doesn’t fulfill me.
One month from today, I will be doing meaningful volunteer work.
One month from today, I will wake up every morning with a sense of purpose*.
One month from today, my journey into the unknown begins.

*Ok. I do have a sense of purpose now. I mean like, I want to do something for other people and continue to improve myself. Yes, I can do that in the US as well.. but I go to work every morning, come home every night, and never have much energy to do anything outside of that. A temporary transplant into a different reality is just what I need.

The thing is that my future is unknown when I go. I don’t know anyone who has done anything like this before. The road in front of me is completely open, anything can happen. There is no blueprint.


Remember when Pocahontas had to choose between the smoothest course or following her heart? We all have an easy path and an unknown path. I choose the unknown path.


2 thoughts on “I Am So Excited.

  1. rhiydwi says:

    I just came across your blog on a random FB post and I love it! 😀 Very jealous you’re heading to India for so long as it’s absolutely one of my favourite countries on this earth, but so very much looking forward to following along with your journey! And may I also say that I really dig the Pocahontas reference.


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