Things I’m Going to Miss.

This is not a comprehensive list because that would be headache inducing. Not only for myself, but also for you. Please do not interpret this list as an insult to India or Indians, these are just things that I am accustomed to that I will not have readily available after January 9th.

Family and Friends aren’t things, but I will indeed miss them.
Having a steady income.
Being able to buy all the things I like to buy with my steady income. RIP $40 moisturizer.
Warm showers.
Showers with tubs and curtains.

small-american-bathroomToilet paper. Though available, it’s not really convenient.
Laundry machines.
Reliable electricity.
Reliable internet.
Understanding everything – culturally, linguistically, etc.
Clean water.

Small Girl in the kitchenDriving.
Going out at night. Not like partying, I mean just leaving the house.
Wearing dresses.
Pizza. Pasta. Sandwiches. Soup. Donuts. All the food. They’re available, but don’t always taste the same and are often pretty expensive compared with the local cuisine.
Blending in / not getting stared at.

resident-non2English songs. English movies. Available, but less common
Being able to see Hindi movies with subtitles.
Being able to do anything that I want whenever I want to do it.
The ease at which I can do anything in the US.
Dollars and knowing what all of the currency looks like.
Supermarkets. They have some but they’re like WalMart pre-supercenter.

target-welcomeOld people liking me instead of looking at me with a disapproving stare.
My hair being only mid-frizzy. India brings out its full frizz potential.
Thick, plush towels.
Snow. Not cold, only snow.


Being able to talk to anyone. Not that I do that here, but everyone here understands me so I have the capability of it at least.
Windows with glass.
My chiropractor, because I don’t think that’ll be a possibility there.
Cake with eggs in it.

But for all that I’ll miss, there are a lot of things that I love with which I’ll be reunited.


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Going to Miss.

  1. rhiydwi says:

    One of the things I missed most when in India was pavements/sidewalks. It wasn’t until my life was at risk every time I stepped out of the door that I truly appreciated them haha!


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