Christmas and the Fam.

I love Christmas. I look forward to it from the minute I put my fork down at Thanksgiving, and it’s one of my only sources of joy while stuck in the tundra of the midwest.

Because I hate winter.

I usually only give one gift to everyone that attends our small function, but this year I went a little further since I’ll probably not be home next year. There are 5 of us: my parents, my sister, my mother’s sister, and me. I bought one thing they asked for, one thing I thought they’d want, and then also gave one thing I haven’t sold yet that I thought they’d like.

On Christmas Eve, the five of us went to my sister’s church. We had communion, sang songs, and heard the sermon.

The pastor’s son was my favorite part since he imitated his father the entire time.

On Christmas morning everyone came to my parents’ house at 8.. shortly after 8 if I’m to be entirely honest. Our Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll tradition continued and I set up all of the gifts as symmetrically as possible.

After everyone’s gifts were organized, we started distributing. An hour later, we had all resumed our normal lives of group photos and Facebook.

A quick nap and we were off the my brother’s house. He and his wife usually host the major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and there’s quite a nice spread. Being vegetarian, I can’t eat most of it.. but I definitely do appreciate it.

I devoured my lunch: mashed potatoes and rolls with a side of cookies. A few rounds of Heads Up with my sister, a little bit of the mobile version of Wheel of Fortune, a lot of chatting, and before we knew it.. it was time to leave.

We made plans for New Years then headed out. Upon reaching home, I braided my sister’s hair while we watched The Holiday – a moment I never would have imagined us sharing ten years ago 😂

After learning about George Micheal’s death, we took some time and reflected on the unusually large number of celebrity deaths this year.

My parents woke up from their nap and came in the living room as we watched The Intern. They loved it and laughed hysterically. I also quite like the movie, but fell asleep because I had been up since 4.

When I awoke, it was midnight and everyone had left. Christmas has ended and, yet again, it was a lovely day. The only thing I didn’t like about the day is that I’ve begun to get a bit sentimental as my departure draws nearer. I caught myself almost crying a couple of times. I hate crying, especially in front of people, so hopefully I’m able to keep it under control for the next couple of weeks.

Despite this, the overall day was very good and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.


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