Anyone Can Travel, Part 1.

I’ve asked a few questions to some fellow bloggers about how they got started travelling. In this mini-series, I’ll be sharing their answers as well as links to their pages so that you can follow along their journeys.

Our first stop is Fabio of Fab Meets World.

When did you first realize the 8-5 life wasn’t for you?
I was working in central London, commuting for about three hours a day and living a robotic lifestyle. I was on a reasonable salary and at a promising company, but I eventually realized that money isn’t everything and I should value my time.

Being confined to an office without flexibility to work in an environment I wanted started getting frustrating. Then I read the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss — probably a typical thing for most digital nomads — and decided to make it happen. I took the steps to move from my 9-5 job to something more flexible.

How did you begin the transition from normal life to the traveling life?
So it wasn’t an immediate transition. At first I was actually really cautious about the change because I was leaving the safety net of a “real job”, so I spoke to my boss and arranged a month where I would work half my hours and work remotely. He was really good about it and until now I’m so thankful he gave me that chance.

That arrangement gave me the opportunity to travel for a month while earning at the same time. It was the best of both worlds.

When I got back however, it just didn’t work out. I realized that I needed a more permanent change: to work for myself and give myself the freedoms to be wherever I want, whenever.

With that in mind I prepared my first client, in this case it was my first employer, and started doing marketing consulting for them. So I left the startup, and after a couple of months taking a break I started my consulting business.

How did your family/friends react?
As always my family was really supportive. Yes they expressed a little concern; I was leaving a good paying job at a hot London startup, and for what? How was I going to make money? What were my plans?

That said, my fiancée at the time (and now wife) was always encouraging me to do what felt right.

You only live once and I was young enough to make a mistake (should the worst happen) and still recover from it.

Do you have any regrets?
No way! I took a chance and although I’m financially no better than I was, I’m far happier and have had the opportunity to go travelling whenever I want. I work for myself, set my own routine and feel more in control of my life than I ever have.

What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started?
Don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking “what if it doesn’t work out” or other negative things people say. If you want to travel that bad, find a way to make it happen and be positive about it.

For me that’s being a marketing consultant, building websites, running my tech blog and Fab Meets World. Find a way to monetize your skills on the road, or don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty by working physically. Work is always around.

And whenever you’re in doubt or afraid to take a risk, just ask yourself this: is this decision irreversible, or will it cause serious/fatal damage? Chances are your answer will be no.


More About Fabio

Ever since leaving his job in the summer of 2015, Fabio has been blogging about technology and travel, and running his marketing consultancy full time — allowing him to travel freely.

Connect on Twitter @FabMeetsWorld.


If you would like a chance to be featured, please reach out to me at with your answers to the above questions as well as a photo and short bio.


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