Planning in India is Futile.

As most of you know, my primary duty while in India is volunteer work. Sure I’ll be meeting my friends and eating all of the food, but 98% of the time I will be working.

Back in October I started short listing the projects and making an itinerary based on their availability and location. I finalized all of this and reached out to each host for individual confirmation of my timeline last month.

The first project was to start tomorrow so I planned the apartment I rented for the weekend to be just 2 km down the road for an easy jump. Yesterday I called them to confirm what time I should arrive on Monday. 

There was no answer so I sent a text. A day went by so I called again and also emailed. I continued down the list of contact numbers until the fourth one answered and stated that they were no longer in business – something never conveyed to me or even mentioned when I spoke with the owner just a couple of weeks ago.

Let my anxiety filled panic commence πŸ˜‚ I did the natural thing and had a small meltdown before properly analyzing the situation for a solution. I then called the next host on the list, but they already had volunteers there which is understandable. But here’s the kicker – those volunteers are also planning to stay through February.. which I had been confirmed for. So my place is no longer open.

Now with 6 weeks of volunteering misplaced, I was at a loss. I called the next project that I had confirmed. They are at capacity for volunteers currently, but March is set in stone (for now at least).

I then called the next host, we’re into April now. He said he will call back, but I wasn’t hopeful. I quickly sent messages to all other nearby projects that appeared to have openings and had been online within the past couple of days.

The April guy called back and confirmed for Wednesday so I’m really hopeful that that works out.

Things like this really force me to let go, something I need. I hold on so tightly for control and I plan so obsessively, but life can’t be planned in its entirety. I think it was John Lennon who said that life is what happens while we are busy making other plans. 

I don’t like when things go wrong, but sometimes it’s necessary. It seems that everything in the past week has gone wrong, but I’m hoping that my plans will smooth out eventually. I think that my new course of action is to just call each project one week prior to going. I don’t want a similar situation to arise later. What’s the point in planning if the people you’re planning with don’t stay accountable or tell you when the plan changes?

So Wednesday I am off to another state, God willing. In the meantime I’ll go for a nice tour of the local area tomorrow and try to see this as an opened opportunity to explore rather than as a failure.

In other news: the whole uploading videos thing isn’t really working. It took a half hour to upload an 11 second video. Maybe if I make my way to a bigger city we will see what’s possible, but for now it’s not happening.

Also, I finally got a sim! I can’t make calls, but I do have texts and internet. Calling via whatsapp should be sufficient enough for my needs though so I’m not worried.

If you are concerned, please don’t be. I have friends that live in a nearby town so I’m not in any danger or anything. After I leave this place I’ll post a ton of really beautiful pictures so stay tuned 😊 


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