Weekend Trip to Thekkady.

I have said on my facebook page that I will not be sharing my location until after I leave, for privacy and safety. If I know you or we only have like one degree of separation, then I don’t mind. Feel free to ask privately, I’m not in the CIA or anything 😂 

Since many of my friends aren’t familiar with the geography of India, I thought I’d include a quick screenshot of the area for a better idea.

So I can safely say that I spent the weekend in Thekkady. A six hour car journey from Trivandrum (which cost less than $100 even with a generous tip) proved to be quite exhausting.

See, in the US our driving style is very easy. Wide, empty, straight roads with automatic cars that seamlessy speed up and slow down. We obey traffic laws and only pass with care. At least this is true in the midwest. In India, however, roads are thin and this particular one was curving up around a very hilly area.

Anyone who has known me since childhood knows that I have a long history of car sickness which pretty much stopped about 15 years ago. But in India it resurfaces for the above reasons if I go for a particularly long or hilly drive.

I vomited three times, luckily always outside the car after asking him to pull over, hence my driver’s handsome tip. Not everyone responds so quickly when you urgently ask to stop the car, so I am truly grateful to have been paired with this one.

I got him from a service called TaxiTel in Trivandrum. Everyone had suggested Mango Cabs, but no one responded to my app inquiry or answered the phone when I called the number in Google so I just Googled ‘trivandrum taxi’ and picked the one with the highest rating (4.5/5).

I stayed in a modest apartment for the weekend that I found on AirBNB for just $17 per day. See the video here. Only 200 meters from the bus area, it was very convenient to locate and there were several activities available such as traditional dance performances, boating, hiking, a tiger preserve, and more.

Meals consisted of takeaway dinners like this from nearby restaurants, or ‘hotels’ as the locals call them.

And daily walks looked like this.

I really enjoy walking when I’m in a new area because I think that you experience things in an entirely different way when on foot. If you hire a car or rickshaw for everything, you miss out on a lot of small things that you would have just sped past. 

Found Scrooge’s church, BTW 😂 

I wish I’d gotten more time to explore, but I had planned to see everything over the course of a month while here volunteering. That didn’t quite pan out, though hopefully sometime I can come back to fully enjoy all that Thekkady has to offer.


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