Kuttikkanam, Kerala.

​After deciding to leave Thekkady, I booked a house in nearby Kuttikkanam. It was a little more than an hour drive, but well worth the beautiful pure scenery.

See how it’s right there in the middle of the lush green 😍 

Anyways, so I am renting a room in a beautiful house atop a hill. Presently the other rooms are all vacant, so it’s basically the entire house for just $20 per night.

After reaching in the afternoon I took a quick nap, because of car sickness, then had some tasty Masala Dosa. I didn’t get a picture of it because I was hungry, but it’s basically a potato mixture in a pancake/crepe that you dip in different sauces (the best one is coconut chutney btw).

The first morning I woke up with the intention of swinging across the road while the sun rises, but the gate was locked. My attempts to climb over it were useless, but I did get these pictures.

A quick breakfast of butter toast from the restaurant down the road was surprisingly filling.

I love how cheap food in India is usually. For American dollars, divide any of the above prices by 68. As you can see, few menu items cost over $1.. basically heaven. 

I finally got to swing, then I went to make arrangements for some sight seeing. 

Wagamon was about 20 km away and gorgeous. Look-out points galore, boating, a famous garden, and the possibility of horseback riding.. it’s a wonderful place to spend the day. The best part is that they don’t participate in ‘foreigner tax’.

Foreigner Tax is when a tourist point charges one rate for foreigners and one for Indians. I’ve seen them be more than 50x higher for foreigners, but it’s usually still pretty cheap so it’s not unbearable.

Boating at sunset was a wonderful experience and renting the paddleboat only cost about $3. 

The garden had interesting seating like the above as well as many lovely orchids and hydrangeas.

I’m not sure the name of these, but they were about as big as my head 😲 

The look-outs were breathtaking. I took dozens of photos, but I’ll spare you lol. I do post way more pictures on my Facebook page, so be sure to check that out if you want to see more.

I ended the day by buying snacks for the long trip tomorrow, almost 200 km into a nearby state.

I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by Indian snack shops and how cluttered yet organized they are at the same time.

The total journey for the day with about 50 km of driving, restaurants for every meal, entrance fees, etc was not even $20! Definitely a day well spent.

I’ll be heading out in the late morning. Can’t wait to see what this new place brings!


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