Renting an Apartment in India.

After my disastrous week, I managed to secure the cheapest AirBNB home in all of South India at just $232 for a month. Yes, a private room for less than $8 per day. Big room, tv, good modern house, hot water, and toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper is a big deal and I had not used it for one week. I missed it dearly.

Despite such a good deal, I only booked it for 2 days because I thought that I could find something cheaper after reaching. You only need to ask local people and they’re sure to have the inside scoop.

After lunch, we walked over to the auto stand where all of the rickshaw drivers sit and wait for their newest passenger. The first auto in line was owned by a kind, middle-aged man. He showed a brochure for tours that he could take us for and we selected two.

The first required taking this fragile auto up the bumpiest and steepest of roads, which he did quite masterfully. 

Incredible, isn’t it 😍 

Then we began our ascent to another look-out point

Is that even real? It was absolutely breathtaking and this is my new favorite place in India. I felt so small and looking out at how beautiful these landscapes are, I was overcome with so much appreciation.

We then had to stop for petrol/gas where I saw this

If you look closely, you can see that he is just pouring gas into barrels. At that time he had gotten 356 liters and had spent the equivalent of over $300, still going strong.

I also saw nuns

But you’re not here to read about nuns. 

Then the driver mentioned that he knew an apartment for rent near the main junction. I accepted the invitation and went to check it out. 

A little smaller than the current, but including laundry service and being just 100 yards from so many shops and restaurants, it was a good option. I inquired the price and they were asking 800 rs per day. The current is about 521. I told them I am paying 400 now and they reduced it further to 500. I’m sure they would have accepted my counter offer of 450 had I not been a foreigner.

A 21 rupee (basically a quarter per day) difference is very slim, but I am torn. Do I want the big room with hot water, or the room with a good location and laundry service? What would you choose?

This may be my new ‘hood. Time to do some thinking 😌 


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