I’m More Afraid of Trump than Terrorists.

As this blog also doubles as my personal diary, it won’t always be adventures and mishaps that I discuss. No funny stories or beautiful photos today.

I am an American. A proud American. Born in a small midwestern town just a few hours south of Chicago, I have lived a fairly easy life. 

Straight ✔ 
White ✔
Christian ✔
Female 🚫

At least I have 3/4 on the list of what’s acceptable in his eyes. 

Today our president has signed an executive order to ban anyone with an Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen passport. These are people who have visas and green cards. They have already been thoroughly vetted, have lives, families, and careers in America, have invested so much time and money into this ‘American dream’ just for it to be snatched from them. 

I am disgusted and hurt. I’m honestly considering coming home earlier so that I again have disposable income to donate to various funds and the ability to attend one of the many protests for our voices to be heard. 

Iran has banned American entry in response. And though many may scoff at this and say “it’s only Iran”.. which country will be next? How many of our foreign relations will crumble under this regime? How many people will we reject just because their first breath was taken across an imaginary line and people born across that imaginary line are ‘bad’? 

It’s not just those with visas and green cards.. refugees are being turned away as well. Did you know Anne Frank’s family was also rejected by the US?

“History will judge where America’s leaders stood today,” said US Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois. “Faced with the humanitarian crisis of our time, the United States cannot turn its back on children fleeing persecution, genocide, and terror. During the Holocaust we failed to fulfill to our duty to humanity. We cannot allow mindless fear to lead us into another regretful chapter in our history.”

I’m so worried about where the next 4 years will take us. I’m more afraid of Trump than terrorists.


3 thoughts on “I’m More Afraid of Trump than Terrorists.

  1. rhiydwi says:

    What’s happening right now is absolutely terrifying. I don’t understand how his absolutely mental ideas are finding their way through however many advisors and staff he has. I don’t understand how ANYONE can think ANYTHING he’s doing/planning is a good idea?! It just baffles me! I don’t understand how or why my own PM (who holds that position by default, not because any of us want her there!) isn’t taking a stand and using our “special relationship” to have some sort of say in the matter. I just don’t understand any of it!
    And I know it’s horrible to say, but I kind of hope more countries who have even banned from entering the US impose a temporary retaliation ban in the same way as Iran. Because then maybe Trump and his administrators will see that these countries which are “full of terrorists” can fight back and aren’t just little figures in his game of Risk. America is powerful, but it doesn’t own the whole world and I don’t think he fully grasps that.
    I actually visited Auschwitz this past Wednesday, and on returning to the apartment I was staying in, read about the Mexican Wall being an actual thing he’s actually going to do! Has he not realised from the history books what building a wall between 2 nations leads to?!

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    • SamanthaJoGoes says:

      I agree wholeheatedly with your comment and am in disbelief that this could happen. He’s on a power trip right now, either more countries need to take Iran’s stance or the leader of a country we are close to needs to have a stern talk with him. It’s barely been a week, let’s hope these next 207 go by quickly and without further damage.

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  2. Tom says:

    He is trying to keep what has happened in UK Germany Turkey
    Sweden and others places!! From
    happening here!! Some has we don’t
    Need any more!!
    I’m not against the ban !!!
    Ee have enough problems without adding these people!!!


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