My Broken Wrist and a Sneak Peek of My $4 House.

After the fun ordeal of finding out that my hand was broken, life was getting back to normal. I had been wrapping it daily for five days when I realized that the pain in my hand was improving, but the pain in my wrist was getting worse. 

I called my driver friend, Aneesh, and went back to St Augustine (the close hospital).

After talking to the doctor, a kind woman in her mid-40s, I was sent to the xray room. This one still didn’t have a vest or anything, but at least there was the safe room for the tech. 

She took the view from the bottom and the side since that is where the most pain was. But there was bad news.. actually double bad news:

1- My wrist had a fracture.
2- They were not equipped to do anything about it so I had to go back to the far hospital.

So back to the far hospital I went. 

I waited in more lines,

was issued a more fancy ID card since I’m now a frequent flyer, 

and I got a lovely splint. This time I was lucky enough to speak with the head of ortho. The pain was worsening because the wrap didn’t provide adequate support, but it should heal correctly now with the stability of the splint. He advised me to keep my wrist in the splint for 2 weeks then to come back for another xray. 

I’ve got about a week and a half to go (sorry I’m late writing this, typing on a phone is difficult with only your left hand) and then hopefully this will all be over. 

In other news –

There are apparently monkeys here. I like to sit and watch them until they start to come close because I’m somewhat terrified. 

I saw a baby lizard in the bathroom. 

I may have found my new favorite restaurant. Will let you know. 

This is the road that I walk everyday. I quite like how calm it is and how it feels like I’m in another world. The colorful houses are an interesting contrast the concrete block and stone walls.

Lastly, here’s the house I’ve been renting (actually just the upstairs) for only $4 per day. Tour coming soon in YouTube! Be sure to subscribe 😊 


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