Green Park Spice Plantation Review – Kumily, Kerala.

I know I said I was taking a break, but it was too hard. I love writing in my blog. Hope you’re not disappointed that I’m back so soon 😝

Earlier this week, I googled some nearby places for unique activities since I’ve looked at so many hills and the pictures are all starting to look the same.

I came across an ayurvedic and spice plantation that has an hour long program where a guide shows all of the plants and explains their medicinal properties and other uses.

Green Park Spice Plantation was a great experience. Entry is 100 rs per person (about $1.30) and our guide, though I didn’t get his name, was extremely knowledgeable. I felt that 100 rs was a high price so I wanted my money’s worth and asked a lot of questions. This expanded my particular tour to almost two hours 😂 

When you walk in, it just looks like a messy jungle to the untrained eye.

But when you look closer, each plant has a purpose. Cardamom, pepper, tulsi/basil, banana, tapioca, pineapple, and more. There were so many plants that I can’t even begin to name them all, and many I had never even heard of. 

There was a man-made rice paddy field!

Baby pineapples are really cute in case you didn’t know.


Tapioca! Did you know that the name derives from when the British asked what they were doing? They replied “thappinokuva” in Malayalam which means searching. The British thought that that was the name of the plant, so the name Tapioca was introduced.


I smelled lemon grass, tasted cinnamon straight from the bark, and felt the difference of leaf texture between male and female plants. It’s a tour for all the senses. 

After the tour finishes, you’re led into a small shop of locally produced organic items.

I bought a bottle of pure aloe vera shampoo sourced from a group of 10-15 local women. This soda-sized bottle was 200 rs (~$3). Will let you know how it is 😊 

Overall this was a very fun and educational way to spend the afternoon. I’m so glad I came! Definitely recommend this for anyone interested in natural medicines, spice origination, or for school aged kids to learn about nature.


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