Indian Tinder – Kerala Edition.

I had never used Tinder prior to this experiment. Not a fan of hook-up-culture, but I’ve read funny chats previously and thought to see what I get while here. I put it for male and female since I indicated friendship only, but sadly I didn’t see any females come up. 

There’s my profile, pretty straight forward. 

Their profiles were quite different

There were bizarre ones. 

I feel like anyone who needs to declare that they are rational, probably isn’t πŸ˜‚

Every country has its cheaters πŸ˜•

Some were relatable, I mean who doesn’t want that πŸ˜‚ 

Some were weird. Like, really weird.

Really. Weird. 

And there were even some fellow foreigners. 

A lot of people I had mutual friends with which was awkward. I hope my friends don’t find out πŸ˜‚ 

Some people even ‘super liked’ me. Still not clear on what that means

But it happened a lot. 

Enough of profiles though, you came here for conversations. 

A lot of people actually thought my name was fake. 

Or that I was fake. 

There were really desperate people. 

Persistent people. 

People that made no sense. 

People really into introductions. 

And this one who invited me to live with him. 

Thanks, but na.

Some were really concerned about me. 

Some just wanted a therapist. 

Some wanted travel advice. 

Some were willing to travel quite far. 

Some were pretty chill and actually were interesting to talk to.

Some shared my passions. 

But most were as you may expect πŸ˜‚

Overall it was an interesting experience. Obviously didn’t meet anyone because that’s not my style, but it was a fun way to waste some time.

If you want me to try it out in other states and be an ongoing social experiment, let me know 😊 


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