Re-Entering the World.

Now that my kidney stone and broken bone fiascos are complete, I feel so refreshed and grateful. You don’t realize how amazing it feels to not feel any pain or nausea until you’ve been plagued by it constantly.

Last night I went out for a little bit just to test my limits. Today I went out for a bit longer. I really missed this place.

The colorful houses and sleeping dogs. The tiny shops and reckless rickshaw drivers. The bus station and insistent salesmen. The traditionally dressed elders and jean-clad youngsters. The friendly restaurant workers and the giddy children who eagerly wave to any foreigner. I missed everything.

Walking down that familiar stretch to reach the town center, I was reunited with an old world that I hadn’t seen in so long. 

In America we have giant trees and wide sidewalks beside the giant houses and giant cars. Our houses are usually neutral toned with yards that serve no purpose. Our roads are big and we can drive fast without worrying or honking to alert other drivers or pedestrians. Our cars are big but hold only 2 people. We have so much, but it’s wasted.

In India (at least Kerala), each tree has a different fruit. Houses are every color, the brighter the better. Roads are small but you see people in them talking and laughing while cars try to squeeze through. There are regularly 3 people on a single motorcycle. It’s so different from everything we know and I love it.

Laying in bed for a week, I’ve missed all of that. A shopkeeper I walked by every day was worried and asked where I’d been. The old man who holds the sign pointing people to my favorite restaurant even asked if I had been ok. 

I’m happy to be among the living again and I plan to upload a sped-up walk down my favorite road this weekend to show you how lovely it is 😊 

Also I saw a cute cat

But it was too fast, sorry. 


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