A Very Merry UnBirthday to Me, Weird Pringles, and Housemates.

After a series of events that weren’t so kind to me (volunteer projects cancelling, almost getting kidnappedbreaking my hand and wrist, getting kidney stones, πŸŽ‰), I decided to have a bit of a celebration.

Step 1: Take bus to nearby (an hour is nearby, right?) village Kattapana. Because they have movies there! 

I wish that I had taken a photo, but one strange thing about this theatre is that there were 2 ticket counters, one male and one female. At first I thought it was the most ridiculous thing, but when the boy’s side had 30 in line and the girl’s line had 2.. it wasn’t so ridiculous anymore.

Ticket βœ”

Snacks βœ”

Found my seat βœ”

I saw the new Malayalam movie Ezra which I actually quite enjoyed. See my review of it HERE.

The next day, celebrations continued with 

an actual birthday cake, 

tiny chocolate bar, 

and American-ish snacks. Please note that the Pringles can doesn’t come with the plastic lid. What. Does anyone else find that to be entirely bizarre. What do you do if you don’t eat them all in one go?

If you recall, I’m renting a lovely $4/day house. Check out the tour HERE. Unfortunately, a couple of people moved in. 

Messy, loud.. everything you want in a housemate.

At home I’m a bit more relaxed, but in India I like everything to be clean. Homes are especially susceptible to dust and dead leaves coming inside since the windows are commonly just bars. Because of this, I typically sweep and mop daily. 

Enter the messy hippie couple who reek of weed and leave banana peels and dirty cups everywhere. Also they don’t close the front door and like to stay up until 2 or 3 playing guitar loudly. Yayyyyy.

My frustration inspired me to make THIS video about the top 5 annoying habits of foreigners in India and tips on how they can avoid them.

Speaking of videos, I hit 600 views in 2 days. Which is insane.

If you want to subscribe, click HERE. I try to post everyday 😊 

That’s pretty much everything. Sorry I didn’t post for a bit, I was trying to enjoy every minute of not having any medical ailments πŸ˜‚ 

See you soon πŸ‘‹ 


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