My initial plan for this journey was to write a book at the end and have it be a bit of a non-fiction how-to guide. I was really excited for it and had begun taking notes on how my fellow foreigners can get the most out of their trip to India. There were going to be hidden gems from all of the cities I visited, volunteer opportunity contact details, recommended AirBNB facilities and hostels. It was going to be the best and the ultimate guide.

But, as always, things change. This definitely goes along with the current theme of my trip where my plans seem to get ripped up and tossed into the wind literally every week 😂 

Last night an idea hit me. I was so excited and full of ideas that I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 3am. After writing out an outline, timeline, character profiles, and even the first few pages – I cannot wait to share this with you.

I did some research online and it said to write quite a bit more than you’ll need. My aim is 50,000 words and if I write 500 words per day for the next 7 months.. I’ll have about double that. 

So that’s my plan. I want to finish in September, spend 2 months editing and revising, and probably self-publish by the end of the year. Of course it will almost certainly take longer than that, but that’s my initial goal 😊 

In the book, I’m going to be combining all of my India experiences. It begins with the main character preparing for her college graduation. She and her long-time boyfriend plan a volunteering trip across India to do something worthwhile before setting off into the corporate world. All of my unique experiences from this trip are going to happen in the first half, including some that I haven’t shared with anyone. In the second half, she decides to continue the journey on her own and learns a lesson about herself and life at each location.

I’ve only done 5 pages so far but I cannot wait to delve deeper into this and share bits and pieces with you all as I go along.

Hope you enjoy 😊


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