Bus to Bangalore.

I’ve taken busses in India before. An 8 hour day trip, some school busses, a city bus. But this bus was on another level.

An overnight bus that went from 9pm to 8am, I was nervous about the sleeping situation but I’m a heavy sleeper so I knew that eventually it would be fine.

So I go in the bus.

Super plush 2 tier beds.

A tv (ride was bumpy, pardon the poor quality)

And a gift bag. Not pictured: 2 outlets and my undying devotion to the owner of this bus company.

Check out the contents of the gift bag.

Literally the best bus ride of my life. And only $13. This is not sponsored at all btw, I’m just obsessed with how amazing it is.

The only problem was waking up in the middle of the night feeling claustrophobic and having to turn on all the fans to calm down šŸ˜‚ but I’m fine now.

I wanted to try to vlog but I literally slept the whole time and it was dark anyways.

AND YOU GUYS OMG there are two Dunkin Donuts just a half mile from this house. I’m in love šŸ˜ 


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