Diary 2 – Getting a Job.

One of the largest hurdles of my return was finding a new job. I haven’t had a job that I actually liked for about a year and a half and I just came from a gap in employment, so I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be since that’s generally frowned upon.

I got back to America late Wednesday. I bought a laptop Thursday afternoon to smooth out my resume and shoot it out. Over the course of Thursday and Friday, I applied to about 50 places. Roughly 40% Decatur, 40% Bloomington, 10% random insurance stuff around the country, 10% room for error.

After a day – I got an assessment in my email, a couple of rejections, an interview offer that I rejected because the salary was crazy low, an interview offer in New Hampshire, and an interview offer for Tuesday.

I went to the interview and honestly almost left. The building looked really confusing and, in my overwhelmed anxiety, I started to drive away. Then I saw something that perhaps could be a visitor lot. So I parked there and went inside.


There’s my please-give-me-a-job-selfie. I was double interviewed by operations and we joked about how awkward interviews are. The salary isn’t the best ever, but it’s the same as my last job so it’s live-able. And I get free glasses once a year AND HEALTH INSURANCE THROUGH BCBS, basically a dream come true*. All hail the Baby Jesus.

*Side Story – I tried to apply for healthcare.gov insurance but when I was honest and said that my current salary is $0, they said I’m ineligible and the only way to appeal it is to send them an appeal letter like we’re in the 12th century or something. Who actually sends physical mail anymore? Apparently I’m supposed to. So I had a mini-panic about being uninsured and briefly considered voluntary house arrest. But anyways..

As I was driving out of the interview and shamelessly jamming out to The Weeknd, I got a call. They were calling to offer me the position, only about 5 minutes after I had left. I’m not completely clear on my role, but it involves insurance and glasses.

I’m so so so excited that I got a job already. I haven’t even been in the country for a week! I start Monday and I’m presently researching bus routes since I don’t have a car yet. It looks like my 2017 luck is finally turning around 🙂



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