Diary 3 – Starting the New Job and Running a 5k.

On Saturday I did a 5k in Decatur with my sister. ‘Penguin in the Park’. There were no penguins. Though it was delightfully warm. This 5k is also run in snow or rain, neither of which I would probably participate in. I ran about half of it because it’s winter and cold air hurts my teeth lol.

I did, however, make it in the top 500. Out of like 590 lol. The fastest person did it in about 15 minutes. I have a doubt on whether or not he is human. There was a guy in front of my who lit up a cigar as we passed the finish line though. All participants were given a bag, shirt, packet of chilli seasoning, and a few other assorted things. All finishers got a medal that was surprisingly weighty.

Side note – there was a problem with my application for the insurance when I got back to the states, so I have to physically mail in an appeal to get it so I don’t have insurance for at least a month. Let’s all have a group knock on wood.

My new job isn’t quite what I had expected. It has nothing to do with insurance of glasses, but rather is kind of a technical support for the lenses of glasses. So I’ve spent the last two days learning physics about how light passes through the eyes, shape and speed of light waves, anatomy of the eye, calculations to determine the curve of single vision lenses as well as biofocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses. I feel like my brain may explode because science was never my strong suit. I’m really trying but I’m not sure it’s a good fit. I am, however, going to give it two weeks to see if maybe I am able to learn this information. We’ll see. At least the people are nice.

So that concludes everything that I’ve been up to the last few days. I’ve been really exhausted going back to work for the first time in almost 3 months, but getting back into it. The original timings for the office were 9 to 6, but because I prefer taking the bus and the bus timings are :30 they’ve bumped it back to 8:30 to 5:30. Also I can’t work until 6. It’s just too late.

Some positives, some negatives. We’ll see how the rest of the week pans out šŸ™‚

How’s your week going?


4 thoughts on “Diary 3 – Starting the New Job and Running a 5k.

  1. Meet says:

    That’s a great start of a week, unexpected changes!! haha, well you do have an advantage to know a thing or two about optics! And about mine, I just had an interview, everyone were asked same questions but me, they asked me more easy ones, don’t know what happens now. So yeah, my week’s pretty awful.

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