Diary 5 – The Apartment Hunting Begins.

Now that I’ve nearly completed three weeks back in the US, obtained a job, and am in the process of resettling my life that I basically threw into a fan – it’s time to seek shelter.

Before leaving, I transferred the remaining couple of months of my lease into my friend’s name. I’ve lived in that building for about three years and I’m fairly certain that I mentioned earlier in a post about how much I love that apartment and even cried during the video where I said goodbye to it. I love that house. It’s walking distance to everything important like FOUR GROCERY STORES, Dunkin Donuts, Dominos, Subway, Jimmy Johns, all the good bus lines.. what more could you ask for in life.

But there is one huge problem. The leasing company has a strict pet policy of none. And I want a dog. But I love this house and the location and it’s super cheap. And no insects.

I’ve been looking at other properties that are bus-convenient, nearby grocery stores and other things that I frequent and sizing them up based on cleanliness and price. I’m quite torn though. Do I go back to the familiar and amazing, or branch out to see what else is available?

One of the main benefits is that the building is a bit vacant now, so the first month is free on new leases. That’s a pretty big bonus.

What would you do?


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