Diary 7 – Jigsaw Falling into Place.

To anyone that recognized the Radiohead reference, I love you.

Last week my anxiety hit an all time high. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed out about everything, but things seem to have turned around.

Last Friday I was approved for an apartment that is in the same building as my last one. No researching bus routes again, same great neighborhood, and same great location that is walking distance to almost everything I could ever need.

Monday I signed the lease and got the keys.

Tuesday (yesterday) I bought most of the things I’ll need. I had anticipated having to spend about $500 for everything to refurnish my apartment. At least all of the basics. I have two columns on my must-purchase list: urgent and eventually. Everything in my urgent list except for a futon for the living room (to help with AirBNBing), food, and fresh flowers has been purchased. I only spent about $250 for everything so far.

I started in the Dollar Tree for basic essentials and spent $17. Scrubbing brush and some other simple items that don’t need to be great quality. Then headed over to Walmart for the bulk of the things like pillows, mattress pad, etc. That was $125. The day prior I had gone for some preliminary things like a vacuum and cleaning vinegar (1% more acidity than standard vinegar gives it 20% more cleaning power. Just dilute it 1:1 with water into a squirt bottle and you have a cheap, effective, non-toxic cleaner) which together totaled about $60. Last stop was Target for the items that need to be cute like bathmat, shower curtain, etc. That one was also about $60.

The futon I’m anticipating to be a little higher, maybe almost $200. Then food shopping and having to rebuy all of the essentials will probably be about $100.

I love deciding how to furnish and decorate everything and I really hope it all turns out well. Eventually I want to delve into proper wall art and maybe a record player or something, but for now this should be quite alright.

I moved most of my things over this morning before work. I have just a couple of bigger items to pop over and then I’ll be finished. My best friend who came with me last night for a shopping marathon will also be joining me today for all of the festivities.

Right now though I am stuck in my office for about 8 more hours, anxiously counting down until I can go home and fix up my apartment.

Be on the look out for an apartment tour soon! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the first look 🙂


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