Diary 8 – Mischief Managed.

Aloha, my dearest friends. It has been one week since I got the keys to my apartment. I have completely moved in, unpacked, and everything is going quite well. I was even able to resume my attempt in cooking. If you try to make anything that I share, I’d love to hear from you!

Some fun updates:

I’ve been trying to stop biting my nails and picking my cuticles. In doing so, however, I have realized that it’s quite hard to type when my nails get within about 2mm of the end of my fingers. Looks like I’ve reached the maximum length I’m willing to deal with lol.

I bought the cutest phone case ever. Seriously. I got it on Etsy from a store called Case Amore and the cuteness just makes me want to die. Behold.

I’ve resumed making YouTube videos. Made one this morning about what’s in my office bag. More India-related ones are to come, don’t worry. And an apartment tour once I have everything how I want it.

My future plans consist of a Garth Brooks concert on Sunday in Champaign, a protest in May in Chicago, and possibly a 5k in June in Chicago. Pretty excited about all of them.

That’s basically it. Everything is going pretty smoothly. My anxiety has chilled out a bit. Although they say that cooking is super relaxing and helps but it honestly isn’t that relaxing lol. Maybe after I do it more? We’ll see.

See you next time 🙂


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