Cooking Challenge: Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup.

So I have been crazy busy lately and took a break from my cooking challenge. But behold, a new recipe.

Please note that even only adding half of these items yielded THREE servings. So don’t add the full amounts unless you’re feeding a small army.

Yum, ingredients. I bought all of them, but halfway through cutting the sweet potatoes (as I mentioned above) I realized it was way too much. So I have 1.5 sweet potatoes in my fridge waiting to be used. 

The cauliflower tasted really good with the garam masala. Honestly it could probably be a snack on its own. I’ve had something similar with garlic powder instead of garam masala sprinkled over the cauliflower which was actually intended to be a snack on its own and it. Was. Phenomenal.

The sweet potato portion was surprisingly good. I honestly don’t like sweet potatoes much but I liked these. It was pretty heavy on the onion though, so even a quarter will do.

I don’t have a blender just yet, so it didn’t turn out exactly like it was meant to, but it was still delicious and I have loads of leftovers 😍

Give it a shot and let me know how you like it! Let me know if there are any recipes (vegetarian only please 😇) that you’d like me to try out.


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