Diary 9 – Buying a Couch and Paul McCartney Tickets.

As many of you know, I signed a new lease about 2.5 weeks ago (huzzah). In that time, I have been working to make it as homey as possible. I’ve been looking at furniture, color schemes, and even artwork to adorn my bare walls. I’ve never really taken the time to decorate my apartments since I never felt an attachment to them. Going on super long annual vacations will do that to a person.

I’m planning to film an apartment tour within the next few days (here) which will include the first couch that I have owned in about 8 years. Yes, I’m serious. See, I had previously been deeply against couches. I felt that the stiff angle forced anyone who sat upon it to gaze at the television. And I hated televisions. They’re just boxes that encourage laziness and taking part in passive activities that waste time. Why should I ever own either of them. By using floor cushions I could not only make the room look taller, but I could also arrange them however I liked to whichever focal point I desired. Not just a generic television.

But my best friend bought me a television as a housewarming gift. An amazingly kind gesture which I am honestly still in shock over. I’m officially part of the 21st century with a smart tv. I also decided that I would like to have friends over so I bought a couch to appease them. Soft, brown, comfortable. Only a year old and only $100. No bugs, I checked. 

I also plan to invest in a record collection as soon as I save up more money. This decorating thing costs quite a bit. I’m hoping to have everything complete in a couple of months so I’ve been utilizing AirBNB to host and acquire more dollars.

I do, however, plan to continue sleeping on the floor because I enjoy it. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade, but I don’t see a need to right now.

As for Paul McCartney, he will be in Chicago in July and I AM DYING OF EXCITEMENT. I shouldn’t have spent $200, but it’s Paul. How can you not. I can’t wait and it’s going to be incredible.

Speaking of music, I saw Garth Brooks in Champaign Sunday with my sister and her friend. It was lovely and I was basically 8 years old again hearing the live songs of my youth.

That’s pretty much everything from my side. Music and furniture, the true components of the universe.

What have you been up to?


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