Cooking Challenge: Sweet Potato Curry with Spinach and Chickpeas.

After my cooking so far this week, I’d run out of planned meals. So I googled ‘sweet potato, spinach, tomato, onion’ in an effort to use up the bits I’ve got hanging around so that they don’t go bad. I browsed a couple of recipes, but this one was the easiest. I only had to buy a can of chickpeas, cumin, and curry powder. 

Here’s the ingredient list. I only had 1.5 sweet potatoes and a single tomato, but besides that I had the correct quantities.

I didn’t take any pictures of the cooking process because I’m really exhausted after being gone the last 12 hours working, then going to the chiropractor, then walking the 2 miles home. I honestly forgot until it had finished.

But basically I roasted the sweet potato cubes for about 25 minutes at 400 coated in a lovely mix of olive oil, salt, and pepper. The official recipe recommended steaming, but I don’t have the equipment for it. Also the 25 minutes was perfect because that was exactly how much time I had before I had to add them. Don’t bother chopping stuff up before you start, I managed ok doing it all together. 

The screen shot cut off a part about allowing it all to simmer together for 3 to 5 minutes, so be sure to do that.

I. Am. In. Love.

Behold the majestic texture. Only one critique is that the chickpeas seem to not be holding the flavor. Maybe my leftovers for lunch tomorrow will be more successful since it’ll be kind of soaking overnight.

We shall see. Also it recommended serving with rice, but I only have one saucepan so meh.

Let me know it you try this one! What do you do when you have a couple of items about to spoil? I’d love your tips 😊


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