Cooking Challenge: Spicy Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu.

To preface this guide, this was my first failure. 

I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’ll point them out along the way. So let’s get going. 

I did not use peanut oil because I didn’t want to spend that much. I don’t know if it affected the taste, but I wanted to let you know. Also I used actual honey instead of agave because I’m not vegan and I already owned it.

First came the peanut butter sauce. It went well. I ended up adding 7 squirts of sriracha which may be too much for some, but my friend and I agreed that it was sufficient.

Then the chopping. We ended up with a piece of ginger that was a little over a cubic inch and about 5 garlic cloves because the more the merrier.

One thing – put more oil than the recipe says is needed to cook this bit and don’t remove all of it from the oil. Leave some in there for further flavor the tofu because eww tofu.

Now onto my biggest mistake – not drying off the tofu. I shook it off. But I should have patted it down with a paper towel because it took nearly an hour to make them brown. I didn’t do that because it was so early in the instructions that I wasn’t thinking about it when it came time for tofu activities. DRY YOUR TOFU. It’s extremely important.

Then we added the sauce and it was super watery until it thickened, as the recipe states. It smelled kind of bad in liquid form, but when it thickened it smelled like peanut butter and angels. 

Then it was done. The tofu was a little tough, probably from cooking it for an hour, but besides that it was good.

DRY YOUR TOFU. It’ll taste much better. I’ll try this again in a week or two 😂 but for now, I admit my defeat.

Tofu-1. Samantha-0.


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