Diary 12 – Orthodontic Consultation.

I’ve been wanting to fix my teeth for about 5 years. I have minor crowding on the top and still relatively mild crowding on the bottom. A lot of people don’t notice until I complain about it or make a weird face that reveals their full crooked selves, but it bothers me.

It wasn’t terrible when I first noticed back in 2009 and I was at work. I complained to my boss that I had a snaggle tooth and he laughed at me. He said it protruded not even a quarter of a millimeter and to calm down.

When I got my wisdom teeth out in 2013, I asked the dentist/surgeon/whatever if it would help straighten my teeth. He said probably. They got worse.

That tooth now protrudes a little over a millimeter. It sounds miniscule but it’s annoying. There are a couple of others that I’m not fans of, but I’ve decided to see what can be done. Now that I have insurance again, I scheduled a consultation with the orthodontist that my friend’s daughter goes to.

That was today. They said it would take about 45 minutes but it was a little over an hour. It consisted of me answering questions, getting two sets of xrays, taking numerous photos, biting into wax, making jelly imprints, and reviewing everything with the actual orthodontist. He said it doesn’t seem severe at all. The aforementioned bit above about the upper teeth being minor and lower being mild are his words. He doesn’t think that it can be straightened by retainers alone, that I may need actual braces.

But he’ll consult with the co-owner lady orthodontist and they’ll make a plan together. In two weeks I’ll find out what that plan is and hopefully it’ll be good news (aka: short duration of braces and cheap).

Cross your fingers for me 🙂


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