Cooking Challenge: Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts.

Disclaimer: this took nearly 2 hours. 

The other day I was in HyVee (grocery store) with a friend of mine. Unable to find dark chocolate covered peanuts, he settled for milk chocolate and I made a secret plan to surprise him with dark chocolate covered peanuts this weekend.

I spent the afternoon researching the task at hand. What kind of peanuts? Some said unsalted, but na. Salt and chocolate together is fantastic. Some said roasted, some said simply salted. I was torn.

Until I went back to the store today and could only find salted 😂 my mind was settled for me.

Here is the fancy recipe.


Fancy double boiler setup 😂

I melted the chocolates that I didn’t eat.

First slowly.

The boom, it was smooth and runny. I let it set for 10 minutes, per the directions.

Then began the process of covering them one by one and placing them on the parchment paper.

I froze them between two pans because it didn’t require taking a break. I’d basically cover a sheet, put it in the freezer. Then take the next one, finish it. Then put Pan A’s chocolates into the tub to stay cold and keep going in rounds.

It took FOREVER. But so worth it because they’re delicious. 

I’d love to try this with speciality nuts like spicy ones and other ~fancy~ flavors.

Let me know if you try this or if you’ve done it before!


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