Cooking Challenge: Indian Snack, Dahi Puri*.

Five years ago I had a wonderful Hindi tutor named Varsha. She was so sweet and incredibly patient. I was actually near fluency after only a couple of months! Then she moved back to India and my Hindi has gone a bit tatti (💩) since. 

When her husband came from work, she would make a snack for him. This snack was his favorite and I also quite enjoyed it. We’d all share it together and occasionally see a Bollywood movie as well.

Tonight a friend of mine needed something from the Indian store and called me to guide her, so we decided to make this snack and it’s super easy so I thought I’d share it for you.

Here is everything you need. Sriracha is a great addition if you’d like it to be a little spicy. This is if you’re making the full full pack of puri, but I highly doubt that. The two of us only dented into about a quarter of it. 

Puris are very common in Indian stores so you should find them pre-made, usually near the register. Simple roma tomatoes, or whatever type you prefer. A red onion. Some yogurt. And bhujia. 

Start out by poking holes in the puris. They’re crunchy, thin, fried, hollow balls so be careful to not destroy them in the process.

Then cut up your onion and tomato. For two people, a single tomato and a quarter onion are sufficient.

That was a half onion, big mistake. But I hadn’t had this in years so I mistook my proportions.. it happens.

Then in the puri, add a dollop of yogurt. A couple of small pieces of tomato, a couple of small pieces of onion. Top it off with a generous sprinkling of bhujia and you’ve got yourself a snack.

Delicious and somewhat healthy, these are sure to be a favorite in your house. As they are, it isn’t spicy at all.. maybe a 1.5 on a 5 scale. But you can definitely spice it up if needed.


*And a huge thanks to my friend, Rajeev, for correcting the name!


One thought on “Cooking Challenge: Indian Snack, Dahi Puri*.

  1. Avihit says:

    It’s 03 Am in midnight & I finds your YouTube vlogs, fb post and blogs so funny. I can say you are “CRAZY ” . I don’t see many Americans like this. You are real and speak from heart.
    I opened your blog cause I saw you making “Golgappe” . It’s actually called “Panipuri” to. Well its my favorite to.
    But what excited me more is that how the help you learned this within spending some months in India.
    I asked my sister’s to cook it. But they failed, finally last year I told them how to cook them, after I learnt it online from famous cook.
    Thank God, you unable to make “Puri”. I was jealous how can non – Indian can make it so easily. But glad you don’t know. But you can make Puri.
    I dont know how much it cost to buy bag of “Puri ” . But in that same amount you can make “Puri” at your own home and I can it can be more than 10 bags of Puri.
    Good luck. There is a trick to make Puri. And it’s not available on internet or YouTube. It’s very tricky that I got this trick in famous cook of internet through comment section.


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