I Wrote a Thing.

If you’re familiar with my latest trip to India and the toll it took on me, you’ll notice a fair bit of symbolism throughout this. I’ve been writing a lot lately and this is one of them that I like so thought I’d share.

Standing at the edge of the water
she looks side to side
For danger
Or disapproval
Both hold equal weight

She timidly puts her toes in
1 by 1, until 5
The water is warm

Leaving everything behind
she dives in
The moment she’s been waiting for
preparing for
But dream turned to nightmare

As the water pulls her under
her lungs fill
with the friendly water
Some droplets, it seems
are not friendly

Nose burning
limbs flailing
Her first time failing
She leaves her dream
and comes ashore

Maybe I’m not meant
she thought
To live in another world
A single tear fell
salty like the ocean
A cruel reminder


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