Learn Tamil with Me!

Hey again! It’s been a while! Hope you’re doing well 😊

As some of you may recall, I started learning Tamil a couple of months ago thanks to a dear friend of mine. Sadly it wavered off because my lack of dedication and us getting distracted by chatting instead of learning. But I’ve started again after hiring a wonderful lady who stays in Chennai.

We Skype early morning 6am (😴) so that I can still have time for my routine and I’m trying really hard to stick with it this time.

For those of you unfamiliar, Tamil is the language spoken in the Indian state Tamil Nadu. It is the south-eastern most state and neighbor to Kerala where I have spent several months teaching. Tamil is a very old language, older than English and more on par with the ancients like Latin. Also it’s very difficult, I think 50ish letters are there. 

Fun fact: I cannot pronounce the word ‘Tamil’. Americans and other foreigners usually rhyme it with camel. Indians from other states use a hard T like the Hindi TH sound when you put your tongue at the pit where your upper teeth meet the roof of your mouth. Tamil people though (some of them, others I’ve seen use #2) say it with the TH and then kind of an R sound at the end. Oye. Oye. Oye.

I’ve photographed my notes that I took today and would love if someone else has been thinking about learning it and wanted to join along 😊 

So there you have it! Tamil day 1 was a success. See you soon 🤠


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