I Had Weird Dreams Last Night.

Last night (or naethikku raathiri for my Tamil friends) I had a very difficult time sleeping, partially due to the fact that I had three weird dreams last night. THREE.

I don’t recall the exact order, but here we go.

Vacation Gone Awry.
This dream, I believe, was inspired by my flight shopping yesterday. My ID is Samantha Jo Goes but I don’t really go places anymore so I was checking around for cheap flights during my lunch break.

In the dream, I found a flight from Chicago to Atlanta. Here’s a reference if anyone is unfamiliar with American geography.


So this was the flight I planned and I bought a super cheap ticket (~$30) for the weekend. While checking in, there was a problem with my boarding pass so they just gave me an updated one and sent me on my way. I boarded, took my seat, and flew to Atlanta.

When the flight landed, I realized that I hadn’t made any plans and knew no one there. I also realized that I had plans back home for the weekend and needed to go back urgently. I took my bag and went back to the check-in desk to see if I could pre-pone the departure date by a day, but I didn’t have a departure date at all.

The ticket that I bought had never gone through and they gave me someone else’s boarding pass. I had no way to get home. As I called several people asking them to come pick me up (not sure why because it would be a super long drive and I could have just bought a one way ticket home?) but no one was available.

Then I woke up.

The Cat Lady.
This one I have very little memory of. Really just bits of visiting an old lady with several cats in my old neighborhood from when I was a kid. I think I remember a weird keychain, but not much more. That was a bit anticlimactic, sorry.

Mindy Kaling’s Fashion Peer Pressure.
This dream, I believe, was inspired by a video I saw last night by the YouTuber Safiya Nygaard where she wears a giant sock tube garment.


Mindy Kaling is an actress most commonly known for her work on The Office as well as The Mindy Project. She’s gorgeous and hilarious and I love her.


Now in to the dream, Mindy and I were hanging out. I don’t remember why or where, though I vaguely recall a red carpet, but we were discussing what to wear. Mindy then presented me with a dress that was extremely long. Like, to the point that you cannot walk, dragging the floor. It also extended over your head and had drawstrings at the hood that were meant to be cinched tight.


By now, you have quite the visual. But wait, there’s more.

There was a periscope sort of device so that you wouldn’t lose your range of vision. And a giant hole in the side of the hip to give it a little bit of shape and ‘make it sexy’ as Mindy said. The material was a bit like scuba diving cloth. Now the kicker –


Yep, LLR. All of the most obnoxious designs on this long, scuba dress.

She really wanted us to wear matching dresses if that’s what you’d call them. I don’t remember if I did, but she was really down for it.

Then I woke up.

That concludes my weird dreams from last night. Do you get crazy ones often? Comment or message me, I’d love to discuss 😂😂


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