I’m Going Back to India!

Yep! Officially, 100%.

But not for a while. Like, November or December.

I can only get a week leave from my office so it won’t be the greatest ever, but I’ll at least get to see my friends in Kollam and Bangalore. AND ONE OTHER CITY.

There’s a poll on my facebook page right now, pinned to the top, to help me determine which city that I’ll be visiting. I’ll leave it pinned for probably several months so that I can get the most precise vote, but please go vote if you’ve not already.

Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “I’m Going Back to India!

  1. Pradhi Goel says:

    Hey Samantha, hope you’re doing well.
    As you know Nilgiri hills of Kerala get their name from once in 12 year bloom cycle of Neelakurinji flowers that turn the hills (ie giri) literally blue (neel) .
    So I thought, Sam( is it okay if I call you Sam?) will be in India around August-October, She can be a part of this magic in Munnar🤔⛰🙂
    Happy traveling!


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