Seeking Paid Assistant.

Hey everyone. Hope you’re well.

I decided to make this a blog post rather than a video so that I can make sure that I say everything clearly and to the point without all of the nonsense that you’re so familiar with now, lol.

So let’s go down the question path from school with Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

Who? Anyone from any country is welcome. As long as you have some form of electronic device and a good internet speed, you’re welcome to apply.

What? Being my assistant isn’t a lot of work. I’ll manage my social media, blog, writing, filming, etc. The only thing that I really need help with is editing. Several people have mentioned this so I decided to step it up a notch. I just really do not have the time. I’m working full time, writing a book, studying Tamil, planning and filming, and normal activities like seeing friends and exercising and cooking. It’s too much for me honestly, but I love it all so I keep doing it. Look at all of that nonsense.. aren’t you glad I didn’t make this a video lol. Basically I need someone to do the editing. I can still do thumbnails, those aren’t a huge deal. You know how simple my videos are, it’s not a massive task.. just one that I don’t have time to do. In every video description I’ll give you full credit and share any of your social media links that you wish.

When? I make videos twice a week. I can just send you the file, you fix it up in your spare time and then send it back. I’d like to get them back within a week to maintain my schedule, but I’m not going to email you every five minutes asking you how much longer.

Where? It’s all online.

Why? I’ve told you why I need you, but this could also benefit you. You could use this to explore features of an editing program you’re interested in, to learn a new skill, to pass time, and most important of all.. I’ll definitely pay you. Your salary will be 50% of my YouTube salary. It isn’t a lot but as the channel grows, the views will grow, and the pay will grow. We will always be half-half no matter how much or how little. I can send via PayPal or Western Union.

How? It’s quite easy to apply. Just send a short email telling me about yourself and why you think you’re the best to do this. The deadline is one week, May 12. Those interested will receive a raw video on May 12 to edit, due May 19.* Winner will be announced at #SamosaSunday May 20.

Wish you all the best of luck! My email is

~~~Please note – this will not be an employee/employer relationship. There is no contract, no benefits, no time clock, etc. It is fully at will (kind of like freelance) and either of us have the authority to desolve the partnership at anytime.

*Details of selection changed because I forgot to take footage from my trip lol. I was having too much fun, sorry.


3 thoughts on “Seeking Paid Assistant.

  1. darasing says:

    Hi sis,
    Well I’m not a professional editor
    But i could help you out
    I don’t need any money,no payment šŸ˜Š
    For me your love and Care is more than enough for meā¤

    Your’s Brother
    #Darasing Terang

    My small YT channel
    @Karbi Creative


  2. Prashanth Vedartham says:

    Samantha, Namaste! šŸ™‚

    I know it’s past the deadline but would like to know if the role is still open. As much as I admire the simplicity in your observations and ideas, having watched a few videos of yours, I would be delighted to be part of your project. Let me know I am willing soul to explore new stuff. I can share a few things about me if you email.. thanks!


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