Theriyaathu. /I don’t know.

(English portion at the end)

Vanakkam, nanbargalai.

Intha blog post konjam mosamaana irukkum. Sorry. Aanaal enakku Tamil practice panna venum. BTW – Naan ‘verb+panna’ sollum pozhuthu, yaenaal enakku sariyaana word sollaruthukku theriyala. Yennoda teacher ithu sariyaana sollinaanga.

Naan mudivuvaen. Naan yezhuthunaen. Naan solluruthukku muyarchi panninaen aanaal thayaar illa irukku. Enakku udaney learn panna venum aanaal ithu nadakkuthu illa.

Athanaal naan yezhutha muyarchi panninaen. Naama paarthom. Naalaikku naan varalaam. Sari byeeee.

Hello, friends.

This blog post is a little bad. Sorry. But I want to practice Tamil. BTW – When I say ‘verb + do’, it is because I don’t know the correct word. My teacher said it’s ok.

I have decided. I will write. I tried to speak, but I am not ready. I want to learn quickly, but it is not happening.

So I decided to write. We will see. Tomorrow I may come. Ok bye.


5 thoughts on “Theriyaathu. /I don’t know.

  1. Dr.P.Paulpandian,professor, malla reddy engineering college.,Hyderabad. says:

    Wow 75 % correct.You have interest. but you spent more time with native tamil speakers for hearing and practising.Then only you can speak spontaneously.and i have a easy method to remain the alphabets and consonents of Tamil and other letters also.
    I was born in Thirumangalam ,very near the historical city Madurai, of Tamil nadu.
    I m proud if i taught Tamil to a foreigner, then my mother tongue spread in western a step.


  2. madras boy says:

    hi samantha, can we communicate each other to develop our language skills,i want to speak eng fluently, neenga tamil already super uh pesuringa. i believe i can give some support to you. :). BTW i am from chennai தமிழ்நாடு.


  3. Subramani says:

    Why tamil? there are variety of Indian languages, out of all those why did you chose to learn tamil. Any specific reasons? Just curious. I knew you are also learning Hindi, but it’s kind of common foreigners tend to learn Hindi because it will allow them to travel to lot of places.


    • NJ says:

      Hindi is only govt sponsored language. Hindi states all went in reverse gear in development. HIndi part of India is very notorious for non safety.

      Tamil state gives maximum respect for Woman, if anyone know sufficient Tamil, they can become Tamilian. Tamil Nadu state accepts everyone.

      Tamil society treat woman with much more respect than Hindi society.

      Also Hindians are involved in too much of crimes including murders in Tamil Nadu.

      Tamil Nadu is also WORLD SPIRITUAL CAPITAL. World largest religious worship place density is in Tamil Nadu. India maximum amount oldest temples is in TN. India largest number of Siva temples also is in TN.


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