Hello! You’re probably wondering what on earth you’re doing in my blog and why I even have one.

My name is Samantha (obviously) and I grew up in a small town in Illinois. I have a degree in Psychology and 6 years experience in the insurance industry, but my passion is traveling. Despite not taking my first flight until I was 22, I’ve since gone abroad every year because I love seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. And the food.

I’ve been to Chicago, London, Stonehenge, Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar, New York City, Niagara, Goa, Zurich, Kerala, Delhi, Rishikesh, Texas, and more.

On January 9, 2017 I set off for what I had intended to be a year long trip around India. Unfortunately some events happened that led to be coming back much sooner. I’ve since been settling back in by getting a new job, new apartment, and essentially starting over after having reset my entire life.

So welcome to this fun journey and let’s be best friends.


Do I have any advice for other people going to India?
Do I have any tips and tricks for getting cheap flights?
What Indian movies and songs do I recommend?
Where else do I want to go? Ireland, California, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, and some others.
Why did I come back?

Thanks for coming by 🙂

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