Volunteering in India.

  Long before this trip gone awry, I volunteered successfully in India. It was the summer of 2014 and I was planning my third annual winter Indian vacation. Sounds quite exciting when you phrase it that way, doesn't it. I was reflecting on myself and how privileged I am to be able to go for … Continue reading Volunteering in India.


Why I Came Home.

Leaving home is difficult. Entering the unknown and being surrounded by the unfamiliar can be overwhelming. But I planned everything. I was in regular contact with all of my volunteer projects and everything was confirmed. There was nothing to be worried about. There was no room for uncertainty.  Before you read this, please do not … Continue reading Why I Came Home.

Breaking My Hand and Finding a Cheaper Apartment.

Just when I thought this was my worst trip to India because of the terrible flight experience, multiple volunteer projects cancelling on me and subsequently leading to me waste a quarter of my entire budget within a week... it got worse. In India, most bathrooms are classified as 'wet bathrooms'. This essentially means that there is no partition … Continue reading Breaking My Hand and Finding a Cheaper Apartment.