My initial plan for this journey was to write a book at the end and have it be a bit of a non-fiction how-to guide. I was really excited for it and had begun taking notes on how my fellow foreigners can get the most out of their trip to India. There were going to … Continue reading Annoucement.


Making Decisions.

Next month my life could go in one of four very different directions. Two would be incredible, one is what I came for, and one would be easy. Whichever path I go down will be new.  Will I be accepted as travel presenter and travel the country helping make videos? Will I accept the role … Continue reading Making Decisions.


Pulling into the home stretch now and I am equal parts excited and terrified. Everything is settled for when I land, with the exclusion of one major hiccup which was entirely my fault. Basically, despite having gone to India five times and being well versed in the time difference, I booked my domestic flight for … Continue reading 45.