Diary 13 – Learning Tamil.

Hey all. ~crickets chirp throughout the empty room~ I have decided to probably not get braces. First - because lol $5000 (almost 3.5 lakh if you're tuning in from India). Second - because they're estimating 1.5 to 2 years which is a pretty long time. I know that they say not to avoid doing something … Continue reading Diary 13 – Learning Tamil.


Cooking Challenge: Indian Snack, Dahi Puri*.

Five years ago I had a wonderful Hindi tutor named Varsha. She was so sweet and incredibly patient. I was actually near fluency after only a couple of months! Then she moved back to India and my Hindi has gone a bit tatti (💩) since.  When her husband came from work, she would make a … Continue reading Cooking Challenge: Indian Snack, Dahi Puri*.